Backdraft – Coming November 10

Béatrice Paradis doesn’t want to end up in Eastwood. Her family’s farm is way too far from her beloved law firm in the city. Besides, that small town is as toxic as her past. Too bad it’s the only place where she can hide out while the police figure out who trashed her car and broke into her house.

Colson Allen is a volunteer firefighter who lives to help people. He’d walk through fire to save strangers, so when his longtime crush, Béatrice, comes back into town to hole up at her family’s farm, he knows he has to help her. Even if it’s just to distract her and (maybe, hopefully) convince her to stay.

She has a past. He has a savior complex. When a crazed arsonist strikes, it’ll take more than good humor and intense chemistry to keep them together… and alive.


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About Alexa

Alexa Gregory writes love stories for the people that fate forgot. She believes that love should bring people together, especially in the darkest of times. She began writing before knowing what words were and never stopped. The home Alexa shares with her husband is overrun with filled notebooks, stacks of sticky notes, and enough books to build a bridge to another world. She is currently working on a novel or two.